Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nothing to wear.

i know i listed a few reasons why i do not post photos of my outfits and sort of said i wouldn't. then i broke the promise at least once. it seems i'm doomed since today i got a surprise invitation to see a pre-showing of the musical spring awakening. the catch was that there was an awards ceremony for magazine ads and the crowd would be media people from the more conservative end.

i easily end up looking a little overdressed or i-assume-you-work-in-advertising when pushed timewise, and utterly panicked, i ripped my favorite "smart casual" shreds which did not scream "artsy!!" from my closet.

i have a few outfits i rely on when in a hurry. here's one of the ensembles i have grown to trust: dark drainpipe jeans by julian red, silk blouse with ruffles from zara, leopard print pumps by christian louboutin and epi leather clutch by louis vuitton. and i had time to snap a couple of shots, too.

(the flash does not do the shoes justice nor is my waist quite that high up. i also changed the belt to a subtler one after seeing the photo. yikes.)

if you're into musicals and don't mind the fact that the theme relies on assumptions of anglo-american hypocrisy to really prove its point, spring awakening is worth seeing. honestly, i looked forward to the meal served afterwards more than what came after the intermission since it was just a tiny bit too obvious. and the food was yummy, yay!