Monday, May 24, 2010

neighborhood recommendation #13: summery salads.

the light air of summer messes up my system and my irregular eating patters get all the more distorted during summer. my favorite lunch salad is available only during the peak lunch hours of weekdays and my capability to make it there on time comes down to numerous uncontrollable factors that it's mere chance i get to enjoy one more than once a month.

luckily, there's an alternative that meets and, at times, exceeds my expectations when in need of a salad fix. the best part is, the time slot is wider and, thus, friendlier to my flaneurish ways.

rafla starts their summer salad menu today and serves it throughout the warm months. there are five, rather traditional alternatives – by traditional i don't mean boring, but classics that ride on their acquired status of hardly ever failing to please. carefully prepared these are such combos that after a hard day in the mood for something fresh and energizing you don't have to wonder whether everything in the world is in balance because your food definitely implies there's nothing to worry.

the goat cheese, balsamic, pine nut and red onion combo is a classic that needs no further explanation why it works every time. the avocado and salmon salad with a fresh wasabi dressing is just the perfect soother with the right amount of perkiness. i got a chance to taste the tiger prawn salad for the first time last saturday, and yes, there is another winner. for the more carnivorous kinds there is a version of niçoise and a chicken tabbouleh salad that undoubtedly please those so inclined.

pics by mikko rasila.

my only wish is that they bring back their early saturday opening hours. their schedule change has totally messed up my extended family's weekend routines... pretty please?

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