Wednesday, February 25, 2009

neighborhood recommendation #6: newcomer deli.

last weekend while driving home i noted a new deli on annankatu called enjoy it. i visited yesterday for lunch and must add them to my recommendations.

they've been open for two weeks and quite a few things are still a little off. for example, the pricing is a little on the steep side for the coffees and their pre-packed meals (satay meatballs were around a whopping 12€ for which you can enjoy a fresh meal almost anywhere during lunch...) and finding milk for coffee created some fuss.

nevertheless, the effort put into conceptual thinking at the place seemed more prominent than at your average new coffee house. enjoy it definitely aims for its own exotic niche in the deli box. therefore, the selection offered is interesting and provides unusual flavors, such as cinnamon salmon for your salad, and sultry and trendy flavors like chocolate pudding with a whole chili on top. i was particularly impressed with their selection of small delights, like tiny mango shots for 1€.

the interior is pleasant, there's free wireless (always a huge plus for me!) and the view from below transforms the sidewalk into a catwalk for people watching. go enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Kuulostaa kiinnostavalta! Miksi miksi tänne Turkuun ei kukaan perusta deliä?? Täytyy varmaan itse ryhtyä puuhaan...

stellagee said...

heh, suunnitelmat pystyyn vaan. "jos kukaan muu ei tee, niin pitäiskö ite..." noin puhuu aito kaupunkilainen!

eikö siihen b-gallerian läheisyyteen voisi jonkun kivan pikkudelin perustaa? aninkaistenkadusta turun uusi sydän.

Anonymous said...

Hei, loistava idea! :) "Aninkaistenkadusta Turun uusi sydän" - kuulostaa kerrassaan ihastuttavalta.

Itse asiassa joskus leikimmekin ajatuksella kahvilan perustamisesta B:n yhteyteen, mutta ei siinä oikein olisi ollut soveltuvia tiloja. No, kauppa siihen sentään on sittemmin saatukin.

stellagee said...

ja kiva kauppa onkin :)