Wednesday, August 18, 2010

neighborhood recommendation #16: coffee shop.

after many places that i have felt like recommending as little gems of my neighborhood have either shut down or changed their concept, it felt that somehow things around were slowly drifting away leaving behind streets empty of the life i have become accustomed to.

therefore, finding a new coffee shop that just opened in june with great coffee and piety in preparing your drink – read: do not enter in a hurry – lifted my mood and strengthened my faith in the blocks that surround me.

caneli opened at the non-pedestrian end of iso-roba and offers a large selection of coffees and teas in addition to all kinds of superfood thingys, if that's your cup of smoothie.

they grind the beans individually for your coffee, whether you're getting a cup to go or buying a larger amount to take home (if you wish to have them ground, that is), and their house blend has a smooth and deep, almost chocolatey aroma and is a real bargain at just 2€ a pop.

photo from here.

go support and enjoy!

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