Thursday, August 19, 2010

varicose crossing ahead!

everyone knows that association helps memory: by connecting new timbits of knowledge with old complexities, they merge and become parts of wholes with internal logic. additionally, when we use familiar language, widely understood as either pictures or lexis, to introduce a new set of information, it becomes easier to comprehend. therefore, the popularity of acronyms and poetry-like chant rules.

sometimes what is familiar can seem unexpected. depicting the human body as a subway map takes a notoriously difficult and complex system to a graphic standard we're all familiar with reading and interpreting. although it is very simplified, all of a sudden it makes sense – and makes me wonder how terribly subway systems could be depicted...

design by sam loman.

perhaps this was the time i could actually memorize the lymphatic system.


Sugar Kane said...

Nimimerkillä nainen joka on eksynyt Helsingin metrossa (...), arvostan tämmöstä hahmotusapua!

stellagee said...

sugar kane, ha ha, mäkin menen sen kanssa helposti väärään suuntaan... liian yksinkertainen?