Friday, August 13, 2010


having a neighborhood hangout is essential to my comfort wherever i live. the biggest reason i was restless and out of place at soho in nyc was that i did not have cafe i felt at home at. i frequented space untitled, but it was never quite casual and busy enough for me; the large airy space felt too quiet and without distraction to create a bubble of tranquility in the city.

these days i would not even consider moving to soho – first timer's poor judgment – but would head straight to brooklyn where life revolves around community efforts. fashionably [sic!] dubbed the new collectivism is definitely a brooklynite phenomenon that combines socialist ideals with respect to the privacy of residents in a way only new yorkers are able to. the combination of an atmosphere where enthusiasm always outdoes hesitation together with the locally natural cynical mindset creates a unique fertilizer for ideas to actually grow into practices without feeling too overwhelmingly naïve.

regardless of the fact that sometimes it feels inventing the wheel again is a source of overzealousness, compared to many balls of ideas we have tossed around for years with friends at various meetings, sporadic anti-intellectualism seems a small price to pay for things actually turning into sources of pleasure.

in a habitat where ideas are nurtured, businesses that feel homey and seem to last are more frequent than there where the pressure to renew oneself is stronger. one of my last visit's highlights was hanging out at building on bond. a neighborhood restaurant, cafe and bar serves a locavore menu and beer, and great cocktails (as do most places in nyc – can we have some of that here as well, please?)

we sat outside with friends, kids and enjoyed the beautiful fare. go experience!

bob veggie burger.

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