Monday, January 26, 2009

neighborhood recommendation #1: deli.

sis. deli+café offers a thoroughly considered deli concept from values to recipes, locales to outfits, and stands out from the rest in helsinki. it still baffles me how many small enterprises start without a clear and focused concept: a great idea or an amazing product is not enough to set one apart and bring about success, but an entire understanding of market positioning and visual identity among others are needed.

sis. deli+café got their focus right: they created a coherent visual concept which is in accordance with the product. it's not extraordinary in any sense, but rather just beautifully thought out and well executed. when it comes to food, they use organic, locally produced ingredients with a commitment to transparency of origin. additionally they serve great coffee and a selection of other items -- anything you need for a lunch or a light dinner. the three shops feel inviting, the staff is friendly and the packaging is a pleasure to handle (yes, it makes a difference for an everyday aesthetician like myself).

go support.


Anonymous said...

mulon salanen haave et olisin ystävänpäivänä hesas (mut vast salane ja vast haave) ni sit jos ja kun näin käy ni kelaa, mennää kahvit ja baakkelssit hakee sieöt. ta taa, ku en o kulmil enää aikoihi pyöriny ni siel kaikkee kreisii shitti mist en tiä mitää.. voit pitää mul sellain turisti-kierroksen, helsinki, pienen suomen lahja maailmalle.

stellagee said...

ähäkutti kattimies, salaisuus on turvassa! meillä on edessä varsin kattava kierros uutta helsinkiä turisteille -teeman mukaisesti...