Monday, January 5, 2009


the arrival of cold weather never ceases to surprise me. i don't like below freezing temperatures nor do i really feel fondly about snow, and every year i whine constantly about winter and how terrible it is outside. therefore, i prefer the indoors, warm drinks (like yogi ginger tea), good books or movies of which i've consumed aplenty these past days (more about the films i saw later, i promise).

if and when i do need to venture outdoors, i'm proud to announce the arrival of my new beanie: my sweetheart made it for me by hand, it's black wool and there's a pompom! tested already, i am happy to say it does keep my knuckleish head warm.


Anonymous said...

I think this kind of cold weather (with sunshine!) is always better than months of constant rain and darkness... actually I could say that I love this weather (as long as I don't have to spend too much time outdoors).

Your beanie looks warm and comfortable.

stellagee said...

i know i don't have many affiliates with my rants about cold weather here in finland where people seem to tend to prefer cold sunshine with a little snow to rain+darkness. i really like the dark and don't mind rain... weirdo me.