Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the bird and the worm.

you all know the idiom "the early bird catches the worm", right? when it comes to sales, it seems a guideline most people adhere to and it may be the most sensible thing to do; the likelihood of finding something that fits on sale increases with rushing in to grab the best. common sense.

i admit to bargain hunting and feel terribly pleased with myself when i find something stripped off the majority of its suggested retail price. both my size and my taste help in some cases, because many of my preferred items hang on the racks till the end of sale. it's taken me years to learn not to buy a piece of clothing at full price whenever i am convinced that it will sell out immediately: my judgment on the desirability of items is usually completely erroneous and off the mark. nevertheless, i do miss out on some articles i really want.

but sometimes, i'm really lucky and find items like this one: martin margiela 6 handknit sweater with 3/4 sleeves, 70% off.

i've taught myself to believe in waiting patiently and letting the worm get really, really fat...


Anonymous said...

where did you find this ? :)

stellagee said...

@ helsinki10

Sugar Kane said...

Ihana neule!

Mä teen yleensä alelöytöni alejen loppuvaiheessa, jos tungen ekapäivien ryysikseen, teen helposti paniikkiostoksia, ja vasta yli 50% alennus tuntuu alennukselta... Ainakaan täällä Tampereella niitä vaatteita, joita mä halajan, ei myydä heti ekana, joten löytöjä tulee!