Thursday, January 29, 2009

epilepsy is dancing.

epilepsy is common as a subject matter in art most likely because of the dramatic seizures involved. imagined both demonic and saintly, the disease carries a stigma often associated with insanity and creativity. pages upon pages in literature utilize the condition to create suspense or transcendental imagery and the basis of the descriptions vary from superstition to empirical facts.

my most important encounter with epilepsy inspired art is joy division's song she's lost control which is said to be ian curtis' reflection on his own condition and the difficulties of living with such sudden crippling attacks.

antony hegarty's take on the subject matter is quite different: his song becomes alive with the video and he concentrates on the liberating aspect of leaving reality. a mystical and magical experience already rooted "one of the worst videos of all time" i must admit feeling slightly torn about the clip. there is glitter and beauty, though. see for yerselves.

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