Tuesday, June 14, 2011

neighborhood recommendation #18: frozen yogurt.

in the middle of winter one hardly looks around to see what is going on in the neighborhood. the most beautiful pedestrian street in the world [sic!] had turned around quite a bit which was something i noticed on one of the first sunny spring days.

one of the most interesting newcomers was kippo. a small hole-in-the-wall frozen yogurt store with immaculate interior design and a grumpy owner behind the sales desk.

sleek wood.

mango and yogurt.

i asked him who was behind the concept and got a brief remark "my brother and i", and although i really wanted to give him a little nudge on the shoulder saying "come on, lighten up...", it somehow added to the charm of the place. an unlikely pair.

and the frozen yogurt? good, the toppings numerous and the experience very much ok.

go, support. maybe he'll smile next time.


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