Friday, January 16, 2009

black gold.

my relationship with diesel was, until very recently, somewhat hostile. it was the most sought after brand together with best company (whatever happened to them, i wonder...) when i was in my early teens; anyone remember the wideleg jeans with "diesel" embroidered across the bum? during the years my style evolved(?), diesel became a supermarket brand with cheap sweatshirts sold at citymarket and the slightly more upscale collections almost vanished from retailers in finland. not that i really cared, since their tendency to flaunt the brand (not unlike many street wear brands) was honestly really irritating.

then something quite miraculous happened. a flagship store opened in helsinki and, needless to say, i wasn't all that excited although i was curious whether their style lab line would be sold there. i always believed diesel's creative department was talented, but i just disliked the überlabeling that seems such an intrinsic part of the essence of diesel. style lab was imaginative and quirky, but labeled less blazingly, priced significantly higher and, oftentimes, way over-the-top. so, intrigued, inside i wandered, doubtful and inquisitive -- only to find a beautiful store.

despite my enjoyment of the shopping environment, i was unlucky and unable to find anything i wanted to buy for years. nevertheless, i returned regularly to admire the work of the helsinki visualist team (and i suggest you do that, too, in case you've missed paying attention to the amazing windows and arrangements inside the store).

last fall, on one of my walkabouts, i strolled in and found a lubricate that instantly had me slippin' and slidin' towards the cashier: black gold had arrived. i guess (dunno, not sure) it replaced style lab as the higher end line, and what a replacement it is: high quality, beautiful materials, innovative design and not a label in sight. needless to say, i was sold.

i instantly treated myself to a sequined tee with 3/4 length sleeves and made of soft delicate wool. in reference to my older rant about washability, i confess to washing the shirt in the machine repeatedly and it's as good as new.

today, i got myself this pair of loose, tapered, low crotch woolmix man pants. 50% off at beam they were something i've looked for all over all winter. combined with heels (here a classic tiger of sweden pump) they provide a retro femininity i sometimes long for and with dr martens they're just fun and comfy.

to my excitement, the spring line looks just as promising. never thought it would come to this, but diesel is back to being my oil of choice!


Anonymous said...

Mulla on täsmälleen samanlainen historia Dieselin kanssa. Ja aivan kuten sulla, black gold miellyttää melkoisesti. En tosin omista mustaa kultaa, sillä eipä sitä täällä Turussa ole näkynyt.

Löytämäsi housut on SUPERHIENOT. Olen tuollaisia etsinyt turhaan jo melkoisen tovin. Onnea löydöstä - vieläpä edullisesta sellaisesta!

stellagee said...

kiitos. olen todella tyytyväinen niihin: matsku tuntuu ihanalta päällä ja muutenkin ovat aikalailla täydelliset.

black goldia kannattaa tulla katsomaan tänne kyllä; on ihan sen arvoista...