Sunday, January 18, 2009

all together now.

it's way too early in the year to think about going barefoot, but daring the cold, we're talking sandals today. i have trouble finding the perfect flat pair to walk around the city on those hot summer days, and even if i got a good deal of use from my ages old gucci gladiators yet again last summer (gladiators just keep on coming back, now don't they...), i seek in vain for the perfect skinny everyday adornment for my feet.

my requirements are simple: allover soft leather with comfortable (and skinny) soles and funky, but not too in-yer-face, details, thank you very much.

bernhard willhelm's spring 2009 rtw show's footwear were an unusual choice: moccasins and sandals with telltale rubber soles, some shaped like duckfeet. the look and feel of camper was obvious although the design was more intelligently quirky than the underlined haha-i've-got-mismatched-shoes-get-it -amusement camper, at least in my mind, normally represents.

willhelm is next summer's designer of choice for camper's new together collaboration line. previous together designers include such names as alfredo häberli and constantin grcic whose names probably ring a bell for finns in reference to iittala.

and i fell in love with the sandals. what's great is that i can get camper comfiness, willhelm detailing and i can get them online (yay!). two of my faves below.

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