Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hello, my name is stella style.

while my blog is not just a style, fashion or trend blog, but a mix 'n match of everything i feel like writing about, some people have asked me about my personal style and requested snapshots of outfits that i wear.

why i have not posted photos of my own ensembles comes down to a few reasons:
1) i'm terribly unphotogenic,
2) i suffer from essential tremor which makes photos taken by hand very shaky,
3) my camera's autoshoot settings are a pain in the tush,
4) i work from home, which explains the irregular hours of posting, but also means i'm in sweats most days, and
5) when i do get dressed, i'm usually off to somewhere in a hurry or in a party mood which does not translate into taking style photos.

i'd describe my personal style as pretty monochrome, black, white and grey. i go for simple shapes, but love interesting textures and cuts which aren't necessarily flattering for my body shape. i love playing around with androgynity and sometimes get downright jaunty taking either femininity or masculinity to an extreme -- just to mess with things a bit. i combine expensive with cheap and do not care whether something is necessarily in season, i.e. i do not bother with riding the trend wave, but believe in my own style which obviously is inspired by trends. my weakness is accessorizing for which i browse several other blogs (see list on the right) for inspiration, but usually i just fail miserably at applying my inspiration. below is a typical me.

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