Friday, August 13, 2010

go with the flow, again.

just like everyone else, i am off to a three-day extravaganza known as flow festival starting today. it finishes off my summer holiday of four weeks and with a bang is how i intend to go.

unfortunately my eye was infected last night and i shall probably sport a patch over it throughout the weekend. say arrr to the merry pirate, if you pass me by...

my great expectations are directed to these three (in no particular order):

1. the xx. one of the great albums of 2009 that got sneered at because making it too big. for me their live gig is a must see and will probably make it or break it for the band.

2. k-x-p. the newest project of timo kaukolampi and tuomo puranen and source of countless nights of jamming at various parties. krautrock inspirations are obvious, but for me the repetitive hypnotic bass is what already does the trick. (the video has the logo of another kxp named artist, but the song is right... go figure.)

3. caribou. here's my favorite from them, although i look forward to hearing more dancey tunes at the festival.

and there are many others i do not exactly mind seeing...

first and foremost i look forward to seeing what the food will be like. already legendary as far as festival cuisine goes, this year my friend richard is responsible for most (if not all caterers?) and knowing that i intend to spend my days nibbling away as much as i can.

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