Monday, August 30, 2010

creative correspondence.

although i claimed that using online video is still underused in marketing just in my last post, it in no way diminishes the fact that it is an established media in arts projects. one of the most interesting and vast of video collaborations of late has been the creators project, a website built in partnership with intel and vice where creative minds of different fields are interviewed and given a space for their video projects.

there are so many films, most of them between four and ten minutes long, that it takes a full day to go through them. nevertheless, i do recommend taking the time for watching and listening to both old favorites and new names.

one that struck me especially was the interview with cassette playa, i.e. carri mundane, whose design aesthetic appeals to me greatly – although not as something i'd wear but as a visual whole. (i tossed the video from this post because the player auto-launched. thus, go here to watch it.)

during watching i realized why: she is also deeply influenced by digital glitches in design which i have found fascinating for years.

by 'glitches' i refer to collapsed sites, faulty codes that influence layouts and platform errors that distort css. whether a small pixelated mess in a corner or a full screen of colorful chaos, i think digital problems sometimes create the most beautiful, unintended patterns that are incredibly reflective of our time.

a great book of the topic is this where images from television scrambles and atm-pixelaches are included as parts of digital imperfection.

i recommend going through the list of creators and enjoying what they have to say. perhaps you'll find unexpected similarities like i did.

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