Monday, August 16, 2010

swing to sepia.

if google maps street view project created controversy around the world for pics snapped of unknowing people going about their daily business, something exciting sprouted up from it, as well.

i encourage you to take a tour in sepia town, a collective website for old images of modern locations that you can search and, after registration, upload yourself. now listing major metropoles – nyc, london, amsterdam, paris, etc. – using google maps as a basis, it is easy to navigate.

as the service improves with the input of everyone who feels like partaking, you should eventually be able to grab a mobile device and check out instantly what the spot you're standing on looked decades or sometimes even centuries ago. for now there are plenty of interesting shots to marvel even if the coverage is still fairly limited.

here's shot of a street view at the corner of rivington and orchard street in nyc, circa 1910.

pic snatched from the site itself.

what a brilliant time machine!

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