Thursday, August 19, 2010

punajuuri block party.

and just when i felt gloomy over the neighborhood withering away from its days of glory, something amazing happens. and reminds me that we are all responsible for the wellbeing and positivity of our own spaces of living.

next saturday a group of people are organizing a blockparty starting from viiskulma (the five corners) at five pm and moving two blocks west. all hail them!

their plan is to show that money is not an object of organizing an event and that with the happy contributions of friends and will-be-friends, a neighborhood can come to life and promote co-operation amongst talented people willing to share their time.

there will be bands (yay, i shall see k-x-p after all!), there will be fun. i will be there.

why wouldn't you come as well?


Sugar Kane said...

This is so great, can't wait! (Although I guess I'll miss K-X-P AGAIN, since my parents are visiting that day... Or maybe I'll just take them along.)

L. Dada said...


stellagee said...

sugar kane, i KNOW! so excited!

lady dada, jeijei!