Thursday, August 26, 2010

move me.

for us working within digital media, it's been ever so subtly an underlying insinuation in the world of marketing that online video is taking over slowly but surely what print is failing to do. although digital newspapers and journals are still trying to find a form that was most efficient and usable, the addition of film clips seems an inevitable and natural part of the future of online journalism and ads.

i am not talking about taking television programs or commercials online, but actually rethinking online media advertising via moving images. flash is gasping its last breaths but movement itself – that so infatuated us with the appearance of flash code as an addition to basic html – is far from over.

video banners and blog posts are already a reality, but still rather rare. the use of video in marketing is terribly underused, but with the already existing entanglement of music and fashion, videos that serve the primary and explicit marketing purposes of fashion houses seem to be taking the first leap.

these works play with the borderlines of television adverts, movie trailers and music videos, but are without exception (as far as i have noted) dubbed 'short films' rather than advertisements. moreover, they are intended for online use, for virtual communities and many seem shot as part of regular advertising campaigns.

it's clear that moving images provide an idea of clothing and lifestyle that is more nuanced than a print campaign, which nevertheless, at best, can be incredibly strong as still images feed the imagination differently. with the addition of sound these clips suggest a space of immersion, just like movies.

here's one from last summer:

director zoé cassavetes for louis vuitton:

moreover, here are two great examples of this fall:

craig mcdean for alexander wang.

ruth hogben for gareth pugh:

what do you think: do you click on videos or skip them?

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