Monday, February 2, 2009

some velvet morning.

this morning i went shopping in my closet. it is a wondrous store i always find something new in (read: i spend way too much time in my black jeans and tees) and since i was feeling good i decided to dare wearing a pair of velvet pants i bought at least two years ago. a tight, slightly short cigarette shape in emerald green, it's just the right amount of color for a subdued day.

velvet is not for every day: the heavy fabric does not work in every situation and like any girl aware of the hype around size 0, i have days when i feel fat. velvet being a thick, nonreflecting material, it is a perfect exaggerator for feelings of bulkiness. and yes, i know i am anything but fat, but subjective states are often out of tune with reality... since i sprained my back a week ago and have been over-consuming painkillers (which i hate), i dared not try hovering on heels today -- and we all know that a good pair of heels works as an instant diet whenever you're feeling a little on the wobbly side.

but since none of the body-conscious issues applied today, it was a velvety morning that continued into a soft, sheeny day, and i kept going to the rhythm of this song. the original is one of my alltime favorite songs, but this version by the primal scream (featuring kate moss!) is pretty cool as well.

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