Thursday, February 19, 2009


i first came across edun (inverse for 'nude') when i was trying to check out rogan's new collection sometime in 2005 and their website redirected me to edun's site. i had been a fan of rogan gregory's line of denim since my friend introduced me to it in 2003 at his store in nyc and i got my first pair of supersoft jeans with an embroidered 'r' in the back pocket.

to my disappointment, i realized edun was not sold online at the time, and actually forgot about it until very recently when i noted the logo on the window of a helsinki boutique (which unfortunately sells items not to my taste which, to be brutally honest, was apparent from the store decor alone...) and when anu posted her alpaca dress in her blog.

the jeans guru's 100% organic clothing line designed in collaboration with scott hahn called loomstate established his reputation as an eco-conscious designer, and provided the reason for bono and ali hewson to contact him when they started edun. the threesome shared the commitment to ecologically conscious materials, but also social consciousness as in providing trade instead of aid to the developing world. the clothing line is produced in peru, india and tunisia, and they still struggle with quality standards attainable at the locales and factories they want to use in order to promote global justice.

they're not giving up, though, and the garments are not your average hippie hemp tie-dye sacks, but sold at harvey nichols and barneys new york, i.e. the quality is commensurable to designer denim lines. edun is definitely a real fashion line and according to gregory his eco-conscience has a limit:
I am definitely aesthetic-oriented. If I don’t like the way something looks but it’s super-eco, I don’t give a shit. It’s got to look nice.
hence, here are my two edun tee dresses. the other with a chain print, the other with a dandelion. made of organic cotton in peru they work well within my wardrobe and add a touch of eco-chic to my personal style.

rogan is now (and finally!) available in helsinki at helsinki10. since 2007, rogan has also produced a line of furniture, rogan objects, following the same ethos. edun can be bought via their online store.


Anna said...

Kreisiä; olin juuri postaamassa omista teepparihankinnoistani (muistin Edunin Anun postauksen myötä minäkin, ja sain omat aleteepparini joskus alkuviikosta), kun huomasin tämän postauksesi. Hienoja t-paitamekkoja - näyttävät tosi hyvältä sulla!

(Pakko vielä kertoa, että olin omien t-paitojeni lisäksi hommaamassa nuo täsmälleen samat mekot, jotka sulla tuossa on, mutta viime hetkellä poistin ne ostoskorista, sillä totesin ettei ole varaa ostaa nyt enempää, ja tarvitsin t-paidat kipeämmin. Nuo olisivat kyllä olleet oivaa harjoitusta printtipelkoiselle: noissa sun hankinnoissa on paljon näyttävämmät printit kuin niissä mun teeppareissa. Olis varmaan sittenkin pitänyt... :))

stellagee said...

kreisiä, tosiaan! mä taas poistin pari teepparia ja yhden paitiksen ostoskorista, koska halusin ensin hiukan kokeilla... (ja nyt mä hyppään katsomaan, että postasitko sun teeppiksistä...)