Friday, May 21, 2010

list for the beginning of summer.

feelin' positive and everything. things that make me happy at the moment:

1. switching my facebook to pirate english. "yar scurvey self be aprreciat'in this."
2. foursquare and getting my friends excited about it. despite the many obvious bugs in it, it works as a miracle tool for meeting up with friends. if they remember to check in to places, that is...
3. my new shoes from zara. i've worn them everywhere, including the monki/weekday opening party you might have read about everywhere else. i had the chance to see everything an hour earlier at the press event, but have yet to return to the store for shopping. needless to say, i had fun, had a few drinks and chatted with friends. a great party, so thank you everyone involved.

4. nettle soup i made from freshly picked local superfood from the garden cottage. omnomnom.

5. the new solo single from bloc party frontman kele, "tenderoni". the song combines kele's hauntingly ripping voice with some club friendly twitching. i can feel this filling dark dance floors very very late in the hot night.

what makes you happy at the moment?


Anna said...

Well, just about everything!! Elämä on just nyt tooooooosi ihanaa! :)

inke / issues said...

Mä innostuin nyt viimein sitten ottamaan Foursquaren käyttöön! Tosin tällä hetkellä olen ihan risana kun en ole vielä oikeastaan käynyt missään enkä ole voinut tsekata itseäni sisään.. Kun en viitsinyt kodista sinne sijaintia tehdä ja toimiston lisääminenkin tuntuisi vähän hassulta.

Lounastuokiota odotellessa, sit kyl kirjaudun!

Kiitti viimeisestä, nähdään pian!

stellagee said...

anna, ihanaa!!

inke, mahtavaa, stalkkaan sitten foursquaresta missä löytyy paras lounasseura...