Tuesday, January 13, 2009


my love for the knife is immense: they are out of this world. the musical project of the dreijer siblings blows me away with every single listen. they are genius.

when karin lent her voice to röyksopp and they created the most hauntingly beautiful song what else is there i started to suspect the girl had something hidden just waiting to burst out in the open. and here is fever ray, her solo project. here's the video for her first single if i had a heart and it is a masterpiece both visually and musically.

these remixes are worth a listen as well: one by familjen and another by fuck buttons of which the latter will be released as part of the 7" out feb 10. the album can be downloaded from klicktrack.


Sugar Kane said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for pointing this out, I'm also a huuuuge The Knife fan and will now play this song obsessively.

stellagee said...

the whole album is AMAZING and the download is dead cheap, 9,50€. go get it!

Sugar Kane said...

Already downloading, soundtrack of winter 09!