Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pop negro.

i am lowsy at following picture blogs that feed only photos after photos without text or other content. sure, i browse through them from time to time, but they don't inspire me enough to hook.

nonetheless, i am a sucker for beautiful images. i guess i need air (or text?) around mine.

this video below is full of great little creations. i had to watch it twice to get into the mood of picking individual gems, but now that i have adjusted my visual input, i could just devour still image after still image.

the song, a caribbean influenced synth dance tune by el guincho from the album pop negro, ain't bad either. enjoy in a safe place – this is strictly nsfw.


hokey said...

you should check out - beautiful pics but with just enough text and commentary to hook you in

stellagee said...

hokey, thanks for the recommendation. i flipped through fast, but will surely return. yay!