Thursday, September 23, 2010


one item on my wishlist is definitely this forthcoming book from taschen called trespass. a history of uncommissioned urban art.

although i am a sucker for graffiti books and urban art in general, most publications i have come across have left most of the world out of their descriptions. as if street art was only happening in nyc, london, paris, etc.

in addition to expanding the urban landscape, the book exhibits guerilla art ranging from your classic graffiti to guerilla gardening, performance art and protests. what you receive is a variety of political and societal commentary that redefines, at least for me, the global nature of art as a form of insurgency – even when in forms as cute as graffiti knits.

this was parked just outside our hotel in nyc.

among many others, i was quite impressed by the works of filippo minelli whose contradictions collection had me smirking while feeling rather disturbed.

here's the video introduction (but of course!) to the book:

available in october.


m said...

You know that this post is dangerous fuel to a serious book junkie, right? Just kidding of course (kind of), but it did cause me to order it via adlibris. Thank you for the tip, I hadn't heard of the book before, and now can't wait for it to arrive.

stellagee said...

m, haha, sorry. i do sympathize though, because i also have some issues with storing books...

in any case, glad to be of service in fueling your addiction.