Friday, September 24, 2010

appeasing arch.

when it comes to instantly getting ready for an evening event, a girl cannot do without some tips: fix face only subtly to avoid the heavy look of layered make-up, add heels and jewelry to perk up an office look,... you know the drill.

although i am no stranger to running from the office to a party, it is not part of my regular routine; that is, i usually have time to pop by at home before heading out. nonetheless, i have several friends who move from daily chores to cocktail parties regularly with such grace that i can only admire their stamina and glow.

a while back stella listed her five quick tips for perking up your look for a more official rendez-vous, and although i still lack a highlighter pen from my make-up stack (how is this possible, may i ask...), i agree with them.

for stella and for yers truly, heels are essential when in need of a quick sartorial pick-me-up. but getting down to actual business we really need to consider what kind of heels are in need.

the thing is, a girl cannot do without a pair of pumps stored at the office. they are for days when you were running around and didn't feel like teetering in the morning, but have somewhere to go later on. or for days when you just thought the day would be a boring old office day and something amazing comes up unexpectedly. they also need to be a pair that you do not miss on a daily basis because they are, after all, at work.

my cool and collected friends who are used to hopping in and out of taxis running from one party to another all suggest to have a basic black pair of heels at work. to start with, that is – they have several pairs... and cocktail dresses... but the point being: you won't miss them when they're not available and they go with anything. simple.

nah, can't do. i find basic black heels an utter bore. i also hardly find them appropriate for everything. actually, to be more exact, i find black pairs that are trying to be basic utterly boring and those "almost basic" pumps often hard to combine with anything because what turns them away from "basic" and towards "almost" is usually subtle enough to limit their potential. make sense? no?

well what do i know, right?

it may be a question of schools of dress-up sensibilities: for some people the most basic items are the reliable pieces appropriate for anything, for others the most trustworthy gems of their wardrobe are wacky and tricky.

guess which school i belong to?

let me introduce you to my savior shoes: my choice is black, but anything but basic. the thing is, i often wear the simplest outfits to work and in order to lift them up to socializing level i need more than a subtle oomph.

pumps by zara.

the curvy heel works wonders. it is low enough to feel comfortable after a full hectic day, but high enough to achieve the minimum angle i go for in shoes.

have i told you about my fixation with angles in shoes? don't get me started...

moreover, it's sculptural, interesting but not bulky or offensively pretentious. it adds a certain jenesaispas to any boring tee and jeans combo i may have walked out the door in but fits equally well with my avantgarde ninja looks i sometimes feel like sporting.

the shoe is delicate enough to go with dresses, but because of the wedge, there's some bulkiness to it. the thin leather bow adds a girly touch while the crumpled side adds edge. the point is a classic almond shape.

how freakin' perfect, right? and even after several years of wear and impromptu walks through the woods, the suede looks impeccable.

what kind of pair do you – or would you – keep at work for events that require a subtle lift?


Anu said...

Mä en käytä korkoja, mutta mulla oli aina toimistolla mustat ballerinat tarvetta varten. Mä olen aina käyttänyt sisäkenkiä toimistotyössä - viimeisimmällä työpaikallani mulla oli kesäisin mustat nahkaiset jumppatossut ja talvella harmaat huopatohvelit (siellä toimistolla oli KYLMÄ ja ne hämmensivät juuri sopivasti toimiston "virallisempaa" väkeä), mutta niiden kanssa ei oikein voinut mennä asiakaspalaveriin.

Toimistolla jemmassa olleet ballerinat myös pelastivat mut joutumasta kaatosadepäivänä kumisaappaat jalassa aamulla kotoa lähtiessäni unohtamaani palaveriin asiakkaan tiloihin - asiakas oli yksi Suomen suurimmista firmoista...

stellagee said...

anu, mä en ole edes tullut ajatelleeksi sisäkenkiä, mutta tuohan on hyvä idea. perustoimistotallaamista varten en tuskin valitsisi korkoja minäkään, joten sisäkengät saavat odottaa sen verran, että keksin mitkä ne voisivat olla.

kumisaapasvahinko voisi sattua mullekin, vaikkei vielä olekaan ollut ajankohtainen...

e. said...

Olen vieroittanut itseni korkokengistä minäkin. En osaa edes kaivata. Mikä lie. Mustat matalakorkoiset nauhakengät pelastavat. Ps. Kokkareita kyllä kaivataan. Hirveä pula. Oikea kokkareiden lamakausi.

stellagee said...

e., nauroin ääneen kun kuvittelin itseni mustissa nauhakengissä valmistautumassa juhlaan. mun yleisolemus on sen verran maskuliiniseen kallellaan, että vaikka arjessa poikailu toimiikin, niin edustamassa/juhlassa mä yleensä tarvitsen annoksen feminiiniä. en toki aina. hame voisi ehkä ajaa saman asian...

voisin lahjottaa sulle kasan kokkareita, kun en jaksa mennä. mulla lamakausi vain osallistumisessa...