Thursday, September 9, 2010

cream of the crop.

here are a few recommendations for you art lovers out there:

1. cream at kiasma.

starting officially this friday, we were offered a sneak preview last night before tonight's official opening party. the exhibition is built of the works of the young artists dubbed yba who were the proteges of saatchi.

there are exquisite pieces from private collections that you don't want to miss. like this monoprint scribble from tracey emin below:

2. the kalevalakehto installation at the south tip of seurasaari.

i attended the opening night with elaborate program and a reception with delicacies from ilmatar restaurant. the serenity of the place was tangible although there were incredibly many people present – but i recommend walking down there with minimal company.

3. fashion photo helsinki by daniela talvitie at design museum.

up-and-coming and already established designers' gear shot in beautiful images by a brazilian fashion photographer.

4. the delicate, desperate and delightful video installation of isaac julien at taidehalli.

i have no words to describe this one. i only recommend you take a clear mind with you – and time. and keep your fingers crossed that there aren't many others in the room with you.

5. this weekend is the last opportunity to make it to the dreamy sleepwalks of miikka vaskola at kalhama piippo contemporary.

go and ruthlessly take advantage of all of this.

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