Wednesday, September 15, 2010

passion for the night.

photo by miika saksi.

friday night i attended two book launches: miika saksi's by night and sara la fountain's passion for food.

miika's book is a recording of a bubble of helsinki nightlife from 2004 till last year. the multitalented illustrator and photographer has carried his camera religiously at parties and shot people having fun, helsinki style. the location of choice is most likely erottaja bar (r.i.p.) which you'll recognize as the turquoise background of most shots, but the streets, private residences and some other bars provide additional scenery.

the party was thrown at helsinki10, and what a suitable location it was. amongst the coolest gear were it-people sipping cocktails, djs playing tunes and miika's pictures projected onto a wall.

dj håkan tyg playing against the background of helsinki party kids.

later we joined sara whose party site of choice was the privacy of her home. the kitchen was filled with beautiful food and piles of her books were lying around the house for browsing.

her third cookbook is a journey through the different seasons, paying attention to each month with several recipes made of seasonal produce. her approach is true to traditions – seasonal celebrations play a major role in the book – and notorious of her sweet tooth, she included some amazing dessert concoctions for those of you who suffer from a continuous craving for sugar...

both books are highly recommendable. miika's is available at hki10 and stupido shop, sara's at bookstores nationwide. go get your copies!

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