Tuesday, September 22, 2009

brunch as it should be.

i spent last weekend in my old hometown. the busy three days consisted of two dj gigs, gathering and preserving the crop we've grown at the garden cottage. come sunday, i was knackered, but needed a refueling stop before heading over to helsinki for the showing of the september issue.

the people of turku have a gem they hopefully appreciate to its full potential. blanko has been a part of the restaurant and club scene for years, has enjoyed a dubious status as too trendy and snotty for almost as long but, nevertheless, has been one of the most stylish bars in this country for its entire existence. the interior, designed by tom gustafsson, has gone through a few evolvements while remaining unpretentiously spectacular.

as i grieve the fact that my favorite bar in helsinki is closing down (or changing ownership, which practically means the same thing...), my nostalgia for blanko heightens. the many nights i've spent leaning on the bar or slouching deep in the couches (first in the back, now in the main space of the restaurant), the times i've dj'd there and danced to someone else's music... sure, the turku jock extravaganza may feel annoying as hell, especially during the weekends, and there are a myriad of rather dubious ways to describe the fashion scene at blanko, but regardless of the hair-extension galore and cheap heels, the place is pretty uplifting and still feels cosy and homely.

well, guess what: it just got better! last sunday they served brunch for the first time in years. as might be obvious from my previous ramblings, i welcome brunch culture with open arms. because their forte is catering, a buffet is definitely something they excel at. there was nothing left to be wanted, to be honest – and that's saying a lot.

naturally they served the compulsory brekkie foods: cold cuts, cheeses, bread, veggies plus the usual warm grub – bacon, sausages, eggs, potato fritters – associated with finer hotel breakfasts. the variety was great already. additionally there were three salads, marinated mushrooms, falafel, a selection of fresh fruit juices (pink grapefruit, my favorite!) and a huge bowl of ice cream next to the most beautiful fruit salad i've seen in a while.

the fact that everything looked great even after two hours is another point worth mentioning: the most common and annoying thing about finnish buffet service is that after the first round, things get messy and sloppy and, quite honestly, not very appetizing... well, not here. the display was immaculate throughout the time we spent enjoying ourselves.

another added bonus was the dj: ricardo played soulful pop tunes that together with the rays of the sun lifted you to another place altogether. there were several moments during the couple of hours that i noted that i – or someone else in the table – had an escapist and ecstatic smile on our face. pure little moments of perfection.

despite some people walking in and checking out the buffet were heard murmuring something about "expensive", people used to brunches in helsinki will appreciate knowing that the entire set cost 15€. i wonder if there is any way to teleport blanko to helsinki?


Anna said...

Ihanalta kuulostaa!! Olisin niin kovin mielelläni tullut messiin, mutta sukulaiskuviot estivät sen tällä kertaa.

Mutta todellakin hatunnosto myös minulta sekä Blankolle yleensä että uudelle brunssimeiningille erikseen. Mahtavaa!!!

Ja ei, Blanko ei voi muuttaa Helsinkiin. Ei me päästetä! :) Ja mitä ois Turku ilman Blankoo??

P.S. Olin eilen lounaalla jo aikaisemmin mainostamassani Le Porcissa. Mennään sinne heti jahka seuraavan kerran olet maisemissa! Myös paikan lounas oli oikein, oikein hyvää!

Sugar Kane said...

Sounds like the perfect brunch experience! I need to get to Turku pronto to get over my brunch trauma from Sunday: we were supposed to sample Siltanen's breakfast menus that've been getting heaps of praise. And sure the food did look good - at the other tables. We left after 1,5 (ONE AND HALF!!!!) hrs of NOT being served - I guess they were seriously under-staffed due to a surprisingly sunny Sunday, but bitches, check the weather report and keep a list of extra help available!!!

This meant I also missed Nolla's acclaimed Reggae Breakfast, and when my kind host had to attend to other business, I dragged my weakend self to Bar 9 (where the food still is good, but it's LUNCH! not brekkie food)- couldn't even remember they serve breakfast 'round the clock at Tori - and later had no other choice than drown my sorrows by a heavy-duty karaoke and beer evening. I blame it all on missing breakfast, it IS the most important meal.

stellagee said...

anna, harmi, ettet päässyt. pöydässä olisi ollut kyllä tilaa ja iloista seuraa. toivottavasti brunssimeininki jatkuu blankossa. ja le porc täytyy siis ehdottomasti testata.

jatkan julman teleporttaussuunnitelmani rakentelua...

sugar kane, it truly was perfect! i've heard the same kinds of things about siltanen, but have had the chance to try their fare, and boy it was good. so, really, it is a shame you were left without... and it sucks when service is faulty, grh.

nolla's breakfast is great, only the reggae ruins it for me... but what has happened to the breakfast platter at bar 9? it's always (as far as i know going back to 95) been there, served all day...

karaoke is good. beer is good. all in all a great day, then right?

Sugar Kane said...

I'm sure they serve breakfast all day at 9 still, I guess I was just too weak to notice (I used to practically live there in the not too distant past, and dimly remember ordering breakfast at 6 pm?).

I'm ready to give Siltanen another chance, so next time we're in Helsinki at the same time for a week-end, let's brunch!

Beer WAS actually good for a change, and I performed a "magical" version of "Lovefool" by the Cardigans, so it all ended well.

Birger Jaarli said...

Yup, I'm in for the teleport plan.

And what's up with that stupid Siltanen? Sugar Kane, I'm with you since I also left after 1,5 hours of waiting! And this wasn't last sunday but the one before. I mean PLEASE, how long does it take to pour yoghurt in a cup and slice some cheese?

So yes, we will kidnap Blanko and use it ruthlessly here in Tsadi! Mwahahahahaaa!

stellagee said...

sugar kane, another chance definitely! and indiepop karaoke sounds glorious... with beer.

birger jaarli, teleport we will... *evil grin*

too bad about siltanen, i hope they get their act together and soon. i really want to love them, really!