Monday, September 7, 2009

save rudeboy.

single acts of random kindness become more beautiful by the minute. fashion design collaboration with ngo's and ethical causes are excellent examples of consumerism harnessed as positive action, but despite their undoubtedly altruistic and generous basis, they sometimes echo emptiness. the creative growth campaign purses and tees by marc jacobs are perfect examples of collaboration feeling hasty, greedy and hollow despite a cause that is definitely worthwhile. the mj store was crammed with stuff feeling like a chinatown souvenir shop: cheap trinkets and the above mentioned purses were piled on top each other almost falling off the racks. the respectable cause lost its dignity in the hands of fashion people.

there are other kinds of fundraisers, deeply personal ones that succeed in originality and the essential beauty expected from a collaboration. antti asplund's project is a perfect example of what can happen when creative people are touched by tragedy: this time a cat that jumped from an open window and landed six floors down on the street. all the funds collected from the t-shirts will go towards paying the medical bills of rudeboy, the cat who believed he could fly.

get yours for a mere 50€ by emailing

pic from saverudeboy2009.

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