Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bowl like there's no tomorrow.

the absolute highlight of the trip was a result of a timeout disaster: it seems all the great things summery nyc had to offer were mentioned in one issue of timeout magazine, which meant flocking people and lines around blocks. when new yorkers move, there's bound to be some traffic. one unfortunate (for us, that is) recommendation was girl talk playing at mccarren pool (which actually has been relocated to a new park by the east river in willyburg) where we stood in line for almost an hour, made it in only to realize that most of our friends were still stuck in line.

after a while we decided that joining the people outside was a better idea (lines for bathrooms and bars were considerable), and we took off for some dinner and drinks. our choice was brooklyn bowl – a restaurant, bar, live venue and bowling alley – next to brooklyn brewery. unaware that the locale was also the official afterparty venue for the pool party, we lucked out and secured a lane for bowling with only an hours wait.

the food was sumptuous, greasy and perfect, the rental shoes clean, the service friendly and the music a combo of indie classics and dance tunes. the lane cost 50$ an hour which is reasonable. most importantly, a great group of friends shared an action packed evening of fun. thus, if you're in town with friends, this would be my ultimate recommendation spot.

and since nyc is a great for celebrity spotting, i'll share one story. as we waited with our beer for a free lane a bathroom break was in order. i waited for my turn, saw the cubicle door open and who did i bump into if not agyness deyn. casual in grey leggings, oversize tee and bowling shoes, she was shorter than i expected and beautiful. were i more of an arrogant pap, i should've asked for a pic, but instead i just blushed and felt stupid. yeah, bummer...

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