Thursday, September 24, 2009

diesel gulp.

well, it seems diesel's renzo rosso is going all virgin on us. in keeping with the brands quality and essence he isn't in the business of appealing to the masses, but creating another rather exclusive range to continue with their idea of "for successful living".

unsurprisinly, since it seems that aesthetically inclined people are often also enthusiastic about flavors in life in general, he has expanded the brand to nourishment of the liquid kind. through diesel farm he offers a choice of white (chardonnay), two reds (merlot&cabernet and pinot noir), a grappa and olive oil.

i dunno about you, but personally i empathize with rosso's venture: one of my ideal retirement plans is to have my own little vineyard close to a bustling city. walking amongst olive trees the warm wind in my hair (or smthng), fondling the ripening grapes, listening to the crickets at night sipping me owne produce... even better if i could have it all and create my own wine before retirement, like rosso. one can always dream, right?

harvested and produced at his estate in northern italy, near venice, the limited edition wines and oil are eco-friendly and, naturally, stylishly packaged. with classic bordolese and borgognone bottles plus directly stamped on labels, the result is both tradition embracing and fresh. they also offer a customizing service via their webshop which opened last week to serve all diesel and wine aficionados worldwide. since personally i steer clear of chardonnays and merlots, i am considering ordering a bottle of the pinot nero. while gulping it down i can continue dreaming of my own venetian cottage...

pic from diesel farm.

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