Friday, September 25, 2009

a rare diamond.

sometimes a song and video capture a feeling entirely. for me, the song below is the perfect representation of stationary and active waiting: a repetitive and haunting process of slow motionless being. after starting today full of energy, i have been forced to stop and give into a cold creeping in.

although judging by the lyrics the song is about self-consciousness and depression, kind of a musical outsider, i mainly feel the solitude and solidity of the music. just like i feel lying wrapped in a wooly blanket...

the band is glass ghost, a drum and piano duo from brooklyn (hello! is everything great from brooklyn, huh?) the song's most notable element is eliot krimsky's falsetto. the video is cleverly created around a visual collage of old vhs tapes by peking.

this is definitely not a party track, but something to digest.


Sugar Kane said...

Thank you dear for introducing me to this marvel. It's perfect for a solo Friday night (would be even better without the cursed flu, YOU know).

stellagee said...

it is perfection, me thinks as well.