Friday, September 25, 2009

auf wiedersehen, i'm in.

the first season of finnish project runway launched with an introductory extra episode last night. the combination of rookies and experienced designers, explosively creative characters and mousy self-conscious artists will surely result in an exciting series. i cannot describe my enthusiasm properly, but think 'tremor' works fine for the lack of a better word.

true to the format the competitors' backgrounds are varied and some are more established than others. although a brief venture around the blogosphere would suggest that antti asplund was in a league of his own – and has created the most turmoil for being accepted as part of the show because of his supposed position in the finnish fashion world – i'd suggest there are a few other competitors with histories that posit them more deeply in the industry. i mean, really, having your own small brand does not mean you're a famous and successful fashion designer and being a darling of fashion bloggers only implies marginal recognition. i think everyone who's made it as a part of the show equally deserves and needs the elevation for their career.

(un)fortunately – depending how you look at it – following the show changed drastically for me two nights ago. i attended an event where the tix have been most desirable and covetable: the finale fashion show. since the tv-show follows a constituted format and the core structure is common knowledge, it can be easily inferred we witnessed the presentation of the full collections by the finalists. the excitement amongst the audience was tangible mainly because we all knew we were in on a huge secret. needless to say, we're sworn to confidentiality about the competitors who made it to the top, the event itself and everything else... and even we did not get the big scoop, i.e. the winner. so sorry, no slips escaping my lips (or keyboard).

are you as excited as i am and who's your favorite?

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Sugar Kane said...

I'm very excited, as has been obvious from my blog for a while now. I'm rooting most fo my girl Maria Jokela, who desigs her own label, Dead Birds & Lionheart, mostly because I can relate to her references and sensibility, and because her English university training shows in her technique.

But overall, the contestants seem a promising bunch, each quite unique. Yay!