Friday, September 25, 2009

fashion 11211.

already long overdue but, as promised, here is my list of brooklyn shopping. since vintage and second-hand are the basis of hipsterhood style, i will list only two interesting boutiques selling mostly young designers and a few worthy vintage stores and second-hand warehouses. new ones pop up every second so i recommend you leave with a hunting spirit and lots of time.

bird is a beautiful store on my old home street, grand. they serve a selection of established brands and younger designers in their spacious wood-paneled store. my favorite new encounter was sunshine & shadow whose silk paneled dress had me drooling. thanks to my newly gathered strength i left the dress in the store on account of having several similar items already.

even though grand street is nowadays known as "restaurant row", there is a myriad of small vintage boutiques along grand that i recommend popping into. most are outrageously priced, but there are still worthy gems amongst the hideous polyester.

beacon's closet is the original willyburg vintage warehouse. the large space is color coordinated and filled to the max, and if you're able to walk out without a purchase vintage shopping is definitely not yer thang. the pricing is still moderate compared to most nyc boutiques and the selection is huge. definitely worth a visit.

another favorite of mine is vice versa on bedford avenue. crammed and stinky, it reminds me of good-old second-hand stores of the nineties. the pricing is cheap and the selection is huge. if you're stunned by the recent developments in vintage prices being continually hoisted up, vv is a pleasant surprise. if you feel uneasy at old-fashioned thrift stores, you're gonna hate it.

the hype around butter boutique's consignment store in boerum hill is seriously well-founded. they sell past season items from the mother store and a carefully selected collection of consignment items. the place feels like a boutique and the merchandise is immaculate. priced accordingly to the impressive selection, i tried on a gaspard yurkievitch dress (98$) and martin margiela sandals (unworn, 250$), but also considered a pair of louis vuitton wide-leg trousers (tags attached, 350$) and a faded marc by marc jacobs jacket (40$).

dossier's newly opened store on dekalb avenue houses quirky jewelry and a small selection of interesting clothes. definitely worth a visit – especially if you're enjoying brunch in the neighborhood.


Anna said...

Mahtavaa - kiitos näistä!! Ties miten monennen kerran mä joudun jo sanomaan: VOI KUN PÄÄSIS NYKIIN!!

stellagee said...

anna, ollos hyvä! ja kyl sä pääset.