Monday, August 31, 2009

brunchy munchy.

brunch is an essential part of new york existence. as my friend said, serving brunch is obligatory for every decent establishment with a kitchen. the early afternoon get-together may be most important social gathering of the week – usually at least once in a weekend, but sometimes twice – because there is no hurry back to work or home to sleep. thus, new yorkers cherish their favorite brunch spots.

while i am quite sure you can find decent brunch almost anywhere in the city, i will mention a couple of places i enjoyed while visiting.

rice serves an elaborate brunch in the weekends. the one i visited is located next to fort greene park and the tables outside offer a beautiful green urban view. the orange juice was exquisitely fresh and my coconut and lime french toast mouthwatering. an additional touch were these scones that arrived to our table as appetizers in addition to fresh lemon curd to spread on top. yummy.

also available at rice is a new york favorite of mine: all you can drink brunches. you can usually choose from mimosas or bloody marys and they definitely do keep them coming until you say "nay, no more..."

just a few blocks away is another amazing brunch location, the general greene. as a prime example of what is happening in brooklyn restaurant scene, it was co-founded by a long-term fine-dining pastry chef. their artisanal and local produce centered menu offers incredibly tasty options whether you're in the mood for fresh fruit'n'yogurt or steak'n'eggs. i had their yogurt parfait and it was heavenly: cinnamon dusted granola on top of fresh homemade yogurt and chopped fruit. they also have a small diy ice-cream cart in the front where their own frozen delicacies are sold. flavors such as lemon-basil, fresh mint chocolate and peanut butter+salty bacon+banana (yup!!) are exciting and new and at least the first one is ah-mazing... if you don't want to take my word for it, read this review of the restaurant in ny magazine.

what's on your favorite brunch menu?


Anna said...

Oh, nyt taidan kuolla nälkään ja matkakuumeeseen!

Brunssi - siis hyvä sellainen - on ehkä parasta mitä voi olla! Mun on ihan mahdotonta nimetä tiettyä suosikkimenytä (tykkään niin monenlaisista dim sum -brucheista turkkilaiseen leikkelepöytään), mutta keskeistä elämykselle on se, että mukana on myös samppanjaa (tai loistokkaista raaka-aineista valmistettuja bellinejä tai mimosaa) sekä huippulaatuista kahvia. Juon kahvia AINA (no, ehkä en japanilaisella aamiaisella tai dim sum -buffassa), ja sen laatu on mulle kynnyskysymys. Niin, ja arvostan kyllä kovasti taidolla tehtyä Eggs Benedict -annosta osana brunssiani. Sehän on New Yorkin oma signature-annos: söitkös näitä reissullasi?

Brunssissa ehkä ihaninta on silti juuri tuo tapahtuman sosiaalisuus, josta mainitset. Esimerkiksi Berliinissä sunnuntaibrunssit ovat hyvin olennainen osa tiettyjen kaupunginosien kulttuuria.

stellagee said...

anna, juu mullekin kyllä maistuu hyvin erilaiset brunssit. hyvässä seurassa tietenkin! ja kahvi on olennaisen tärkeää tällaiselle kahvin suurkuluttajalle.

eggs benedictiä maistoin kerran vuosia sitten, mutta se ei ole ihan minun juttuni. sen sijaan hedelmäiset jugurttiannokset ja french toast tai pannukakut toimivat aina.