Saturday, August 22, 2009

whoopie pie!

greetings from rainy nyc! horribly jetlagged (yet slightly less than my sister) i am enjoying my morning coffee at my friends' brooklyn living room. there really isn't a better time to update, so here comes the first series of recommendations.

after we arrived in the afternoon, some coffee was deserved and needed. we headed out to one girl cookies artisanal bakery for iced coffee and some whoopie pies. the pumpkin pie flavored ones are heavenly, spicey pieces of soft cookie and filling. i might just have found a contender for beard papa's cream puffs...

for dinner we headed back to my old hood, willyburg, and the trusted old chai thai. it used to be great and a local favorite of mine, now was decent, but the familiar atmosphere made me feel at home instantly. nevertheless, still a refreshing change from the thai we are served in helsinki... and the decor everywhere is so stimulating.


Sugar Kane said...

Have a great time (I'm sure you will) and keep us posted on the recommendations - I'm planning a trip to NYC next spring YAY!

stellagee said...

thanks, and congrats on the plans!

i meant to update daily, but... busy busy busy. but i'll tell ya everything and list all my new favorite spots and recommendations once i'm back.