Monday, August 10, 2009

mad about a donna.

well, yes, madonna was in helsinki. i was there just like 85k others. it was my second experience with the sticky and sweet tour – i traveled to amsterdam in 2008 to see her since i believed it was the last time her madgesty would step on stage and i never believed she'd venture to my hometown. again i was proven wrong.

i'm rather glad she did since this time i was up close and personal. surrounded by excited fans who sang along throughout the show and jumped like mad during "like a prayer" the experience was memorable. we held a pre- and afterparty with a smoking bbq and madonna playing all day and night long. our little crew of front row ticket holders partied less than 10 meters from the stage – close enough to start wondering whether madonna's buttocks actually have a separate existence from the lady herself...

dressing up to a show of a fashion icon and the original chameleon is undoubtedly difficult (as if she'd care... well whatever). considering that i was still slightly sick and the amount of walking and standing, my choice for the hot night was a sequin mini dress worn as a tunic, a large wool scarf to keep me warm on the walk back home, faux leather leggings, boots and a large bag. (click to enlarge)

scarf from my mother, dress by h&m, leggings by american apparel, pirate boots by vivienne westwood, bag by vivienne westwood world's end.

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