Monday, August 17, 2009

i wish i had a girl with a big avocado...

three days of festival mayhem are over. i'm beat and it seems everyone else who attended is also suffering from some serious overflow.

the blogosphere is filled with pics and stories of the festival, but here's my brief musical recap of flow.

day one. we arrived early for heartsrevolution who unfortunately failed to impress. at first i thought i was uninspired. when the same happened with le corps mince de francoise who are amazing and have great energy performing live, i knew something was off other than my mood.

they really lost a lot of their magic in the tent. it is unfortunate that while an increasing success translates to larger audiences most groups just aren't meant to go stadium... or really even out of the dingy club basement. with this i do not mean or want to sound like i don't think bands that are at their best at small venues were any less great than megasupertrouper stars – no way and usually quite the opposite! grander does not imply better when it comes to music, i thinks. however, it seems several bands that played in the tent suffered from a stage too large – some groups just cannot tackle a bigger venue no matter how incredible they were at smaller clubs. bummer bummer bummer.

friday's high was produced by a set of elderly gents. i was ecstatic to see organ play. the gentlemen seemed truly surprised and humbled by the excited audience that sang along – not only to "kundi meikkaa" (roughly "the guy wears make-up") – but also to other songs.

saturday arrived with hesitation and i certainly wasn't sure what to expect. i remained disappointed with the tent, but i was treated to white lies and the amazing grace. although i missed the handsome furs because of grace's buttocks (that actually seem to have a chance of a more exciting life than madonna's...), i calculated the loss replaceable since the duo are fans of finland and will certainly make it to my favorite bar – probably sooner rather than later.

come sunday i was knackered and felt cold all day. but a hefty set of beer helped save the day, as did jenny wilson and her dress.

i saw lily's nipples and finally experienced fever ray from a spot where i could appreciate the show. and boy did i appreciate it!! ultimate disturbing beauty.

sunday's freakout (in the most positive sense possible) came in the form of fashion-designer-goes-dj. daniel palillo played at the diesel u:music area and we danced through the entire set.

although blur's girls and boys had everyone jumping erratically around, the gem below really sparked some good old memories. and some misheard lyrics...

again this year the organization of the facilities at the festival were flawless – although we could have appreciated some more helpful security guards with our movement in and out the designated drinking areas – there were plenty of bathrooms that were decently clean, the food was rather pricey but at least tastier than pricey festival food ever is and the area itself felt cosy. but as with all festivals, i fear this one is getting a little too big for itself. let's hope not, right?


Sugar Kane said...

I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 64' Impala!

As I didn't Flow this year, I've been experiencing the festival second hand - your review is the first that really makes me regret missing it!

maire said...

muutama seikka:

1. mua korpee kybäl etten ollu graces mut c'est la f**n vie. josko miss jones olis joksus jossain? jos aattelee sillai et jos tykkäs ite hesan yleisöst ni vois vaikka tulla joskus keikal uudemmankin kerran eller hur..?

2. mul on ikävä erottajal.. ollu koko kesän tavote et hesaan käymää sillai et olis hetken ja ihan menis erdel istuun ja miettii elämää ja murehtimaa ja sillai. olis NIIN kliffaa ja ihana. voin vaikka poimii pari liftaavaa hippii kyyti jos niikseen tulee.

3. pelse on katkol ja maire ihan luottokortillisist syistä.. mua harmittaa tavallaa mut ei sit kuitenkaa ihan sikana. on aikaa tehä muuta. voi lukee, spazieren gehen, kaavoi voi rustaa ja saada ihan mieltsei ideoi lahjan hommageen.

Anna said...

Kuulostaa aikas mahtavalta sun kuvaus Flow'sta; mä en koskaan ole ollut ko. festarin suurin fani, mutta luettuani tämän joudun varmaan vähän tarkistamaan käsityksiäni! :)

stellagee said...

sugar kane, it was fab, but i really am slightly concerned about the size of it all exploding in our hands...

maire, toivotaan, että grace tulee vielä jonnekin tänne liepeille esiintymään. ja joo, erottaja odottaa huutavaa puuppien perhettä itkuisin silmin. ja liftaritkin käy, mut hipit ei. odotamme lahjan homagea sekopäisen innostuneena...

anna, kylhän se ihan ykkösfestari on ollut, mutta pelkään, että sen elinkaari lähenee loppuaan. miksei kaupunkifestarit voi vaan pysyä pieninä ja kiinnostavina?