Monday, March 2, 2009

let me have my fairytale!

i have not really posted pics of things i desire although it seems almost an indispensable feature for any blog dealing with fashion, trends and style. i assure you of having no intention of changing my content, nor is my collection of random rants heading towards becoming a fashion blog per se, but this time i'll make an impromptu exception since i'd be thrilled to hear where i could get my hands on this bag...

it's diesel's black gold line which i've learned to love and called "fairytale". by the looks of it the leather is super soft and, moreover, i love the rough chain and the playful, futuristic padded handles.

their online store only has it in brown, but i need (read: want) black. (black! black!)

can anyone help me have my fairytale ending?


Anna said...

Ikävä kyllä en osaa auttaa sinua pulmassasi; oli vain pakko kommentoida et RAKASTAN tuon laukun futuristisia viitteitä! Mahtava!

Musta olis kyl ehdottomasti munkin valinta.

stellagee said...

muhun myös vetoaa tuo pehmeyden ja kovuuden kontrasti sekä tuo muotokielen futu-viitteet.

menen dieselille käymään; ehkä mua autetaan siellä.