Wednesday, March 18, 2009

very impressed people at diesel.

last night i attended a vip shopping night at the diesel helsinki flagship.

unaware until the very last minute that the event was organized for bloggers only, i got stage fright walking in: i blog anonymously (or i like to think so although my belief came into question today when anne kukkohovi recognized me...) and felt moderately exposed in the midst of other bloggers whose faces i could recognize.

with the abundant servings of nibbles, scantier samples of drinks and a significant discount on the products the night offered a perfect lure combo for any fashionista. with music dj'd by daniel palillo, and henna koskinen the ambience was friendly and fresh.

diesel offered us a peek at their spring/summer collections with outrageously coiffed models walking amongst the guests. as could be expected i was most fond of their black label line.

still, i found a perfect pair of jeans that i decided to sleep on. they're slightly ripped and torn and i love the short length that's perfect for shoe exposure -- summer is, after all, all about flaunting footwear!

in the end, silver and i got matching jewelry; he a bracelet and i a pair of earrings. they came packed in the cutest little boxes and entitled us to a freebie tigi product. well done, i say.

the song that stuck from the night is the kooks cover of mgmt's "kids". lovely. (downloadable here via music ramen.)


Sugar Kane said...

It was lovely meeting you, thanks for the company! And you scored great ear rings! (Ear zippers?)

stellagee said...

likewise, a pleasure! i need to dig into my attic for the overall i promised you...

Sugar Kane said...

The overall sounded so wonderful, i'd LOVE to have it if you're really willing to let it go!