Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fresh and clean.

today's event of choice was the pre-presentation of vero moda collaboration line for, an educational site for teens who want to quit smoking. a small group of fashion people were invited to the tiia vanhatapio store to hear about the misconceived connection between tobacco and style.

the very limited line is designed by tiia vanhatapio, known for her sultry dark couture. the combination of designer and high street store occurred to me as an unlikely coupling for two reasons: first, vanhatapio's claim to fame is having dita von teese, the pin-up diva, as her client and the sensuality of her other designs strike me unfitting for teen girls. yeah, i'm kinda old-fashioned and uptight. second, i have come to expect constructed garments from vanhatapio and imagining cheapo versions of her beautiful dresses felt almost blasphemous.

the clothes on offer were, against my fears, absolutely wearable, fun, fresh and young. the skunk girl line is inspired, according to vanhatapio herself, by tim burton and holiday era madonna.

monochrome stripes, whimsical details (see anne kukkohovi's jersey tail) and a carefully constructed logo, the skunk girl, should appeal to their target audience, although the average vero moda shopper may think the clothes are too goth-like. i saw a glimpse of the trophy of the collection, the graduation dress (ylioppilasmekko), and it was bonafide vanhatapio i.e. a beautiful satin corset dress. only 50 will be made, so you've got to be fast...

the information goodie bag came with a tee with the punchline "tupakka haisee!" (tobacco smells!) i.e. the argument selling the line -- and quitting smoking -- is based on the unattractiveness of smoking. the information leaflet lists bad skin, smelly breath, early wrinkling and midriff weight gain as powerful reasons not to smoke. for all i know, if an increased chance of lung cancer and death does not work as an effective warning, then appeal to the vanity of teens must be the proper way to go.

the line will be available at selected vero moda stores 28 april 2009. go get yours!


Anonymous said...

Hei, täähän oli hauskaa ja kiinnostavaa! Pitääpä mennä tsekkaamaan nuo!

Mietin vain, ovatkohan vaatteet vähän liiankin erilaisia Vero Modan tyypilliseen linjaan nähden (tai siis siihen, mitä kuvittelen sen olevan); löytävätkö nämä siis ostajaansa? Tiedätkö hintatasosta; päteekö tässä myös se H&M designermallistoista tuttu tavanomaista kalliimpi meininki? (Ja siis mulla on varmaan vaan tylsän stereotyyppinen kuva Vero Modasta - ja noitahan tehdään niin vähän, et kaipa ne ostajansa löytävät.)

stellagee said...

ne olivat aika erilaisia; itse asiassa muistuttivat mielestäni enemmän ehkä onlyn tarjontaa. tosin niissä oli vanhatapiomainen naisellinen fiilis, joka ehkä sopii sitten kuitenkin vero modalle paremmin kuin farkkutyttöjen onlyyn.

hinnoittelusta en muuten tiedä. hmm.