Saturday, December 4, 2010

wrapped cake explosion.

i am not too fond of sweets, but whenever i travel i get cravings for cakes, pastries and puddings. it may be that bakeries around the world differ from our local kind by their extravagance; a window filled with a colorful selection of baked, iced, topped, berried, creamed and whatnot goods is sure to lure in at least to marvel everything.

the pastry du jour in london seemed to be the cupcake. there were little stores and booths everywhere we went: colorful windows filled with trays of little sugary bundles wrapped in paper. imaginative toppings ranging from classic to cute to raunchy offered anything and everything you might want for your party or just for the hell of it.

mikko got himself some pirate and some... ken.

i admired the little reindeer in need to pee in covent garden.

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