Wednesday, December 15, 2010


windy helsinki is brutal for everyone in the winter. being the owner of an aging italian greyhound during finnish cold season is therefore rather stressful. the little cutie hates cold enough to find woolen blankets to dive under even in summertime, and needless to say, below zero degrees are something she loathes.

in case you did not know dogs age pretty much similarly to human beings, and now that she's almost 12, her skin sags and hangs loose on her withered old body. hence, providing warmth is increasingly important. moreover, these record-breaking winters are not exactly helpful.

jorma-irmeli defies the cold with a fleece suit from limbo. they make great gear for little skinny ones with longer legs – much needed because most dog clothing fits chihuahuas and other more robust breeds. they also offer the option of ordering made-to-measure items for any pooch in need of clothing.

when it gets really cold, we add another cotton suit underneath and a padded one on top. she also sports a beanie protecting her ears and neck knitted by my sweetie. (actually, it is a woolen sock without the toe part...) on her feet shielding from cold and salt are fleece booties which are surprisingly water resistant.

clothing her is such an effort that i actually feel for mothers with little kids. although i've been told that human babies learn to clothe themselves at some point...

full (winter) gear.

adorable, right?


Lady Dada said...

Sukka päässä! En kestä! Toinen on niin hentonen ja sulonen. Vissiin monesti koirat on jotenkin noloina, kun ne joutuu pukeutumaan, mutta hän on vaan niin pontevan reipas siinä. No kai nyt, kun on kaupungin stailein mama pukemassa.

Sisua ja lämpimiä ajatuksia hälle, talvi on pimeästä yöstä, onneks tulee pian kevät.

stellagee said...

lady dada, eikö olekin sulkkua, kun toisen pää on kantapään kokoinen ja sukkaohje toimi täydellisesti...

jorma on pukeutunut iloisesti koko elämänsä ajan. ainoastaan tossut olivat aluksi hiukan hämmentävät, mutta kun niiden ilot paljastuivat, niin tyyppihän ravaa lumessa kuin pieni pupu.

jormalta lurp.

Anna said...


stellagee said...

anna, :)