Friday, December 31, 2010

happy, snowy new year!

on the last day of the year we are supposed to reflect on those past 365 days that just went by. there is truth to the fact that as we get older, years seem to flicker by – as is the case with many of the other sighs escaping the lips of my mother that bored the hell out of me as i was growing up.

as you might have gathered from my perpetually diminishing postings, the end of this year has been incredibly busy.

i know that it is lame to tell you repeatedly that i am busy, but i feel the need to explain why i feel short of words.

my promise for next year is to take time to read and, subsequently, think more, which, in turn will mean more writing coming your way.

right now i am, however, sitting at the garden cottage in the middle of show-covered finnish archipelago, wrapped in wool, finishing my day's work.

although today was a normal working day for me – again – i had the pleasure of frolicking in the snow with jorma-irmeli during the day. the little critter seems surprisingly happy in the cold.

ok, so whacha goin' on...

look ma, i'm runnin'!

hasta la vista.

new year's elf.

now we are finally ready to start celebrating the end of the year with some of my loved ones. soon, we will go to the sauna, light the fireplace, pop the champagne and get the table ready for a mexican street food fiesta.

i wish you a happy, prosperous start of yet another 365 days to reflect on.

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