Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"mittens mittens, where are my mittens?"

the question above was the message in my friend's answering machine in the early nineties. not her cellphone, but a regular, when-i-am-out-the-door kind of an answering machine. the hastily uttered sentence was followed by a beep, and usually a fairly confused silence and a message from someone questioning their own sanity. in my teens i thought is was hilarious.

hilarious enough to remember it every time i see mittens.

i get to snicker a lot, because i am a mittens kinda girl. i own knitted gloves and have even taken a few adventurous leaps towards leather ones – supposedly more feminine and womanly. but since i am not too often playing a lady, i have managed to fight the cold with infantile handwear.

my newest acquisition is from lustwear. paint dipped and simple, they are probably as grownup as mittens can get.

my new mittens.

do you prefer gloves over mittens?


max said...

have to have gloves with the tip of the fingers cut off. dont smoke, but i am an iphone user. :D

Hanna said...

max, me too! ;D
and I look like a teenager with them, I really do. Well, who cares.

stellagee said...

max, haha, so am i! but i try to refrain from using the phone while walking outside... at least the frozen fingers tell me when it's time to stop.

hanna, who cares, right.