Tuesday, December 21, 2010

xmas lunch.

'tis the season to be jolly, but for some reason we all seem to rush and hurry anxiously from one place to another.

this year i decided to be wise and get my presents early. i started off well ahead – in august – and got one. last weekend i realized that it was the only one i had.

and by itself it wasn't really a full gift... but that's beside the point.

as is the fact that everyone is busy and anxious about xmas because of shopping. blah blah.

because for people like myself this is the season of campaigns being rushed out: first xmas, then sales, and the reason i have not found a minute to blog, let alone shop, is my ringing phone and getting prepared for launches.

therefore, this silence that possibly and probably requires an apology.

or not.

but a girl has to eat at some point. i have avoided all traditional xmas buffets served everywhere – a bonus of working for a small company where large gatherings, which often rely on buffets, are rare.

accompanied by the delightful inke, we decided to opt for the full three-course xmas lunch at rafla.

although i am not too fond of traditional xmas fare, this little collection of flavors, summed up with a rhum and plum dessert, totally won me over.

go enjoy while you still can!


inke / issues said...

Omnomnom! Kiitos seurasta, ihanaa että ehdimme viimein taas saman pöydän ääreen. Pian uudestaan! Ihanaa joulua <3

Anonymous said...

That loooks amazing! I want to go now.

stellagee said...

inke, kiitos itsellesi! ja pian!

5plitreel, it was and you should. i hope you made it!

Anonymous said...

OH oh food looking good! Thanks for the food porn, I gotta go see this place too!




stellagee said...

aino, i know, right! go, it's great!