Tuesday, November 30, 2010


greetings from london!

we left on our trip slightly feverish, but have managed to make it outside every day. enjoying a hot cup of tea has truly been a relevant part of our london experience although i have been known to mock my sis for her habit of putting the kettle on at every opportunity.

even slightly sick, we've been able to spend quality time with my elder sister and met up with stella and her entourage at random bars around town. finally tonight is the show this trip was planned around – the national.

but we live in hazardous times: this morning we woke up to a snow-covered city. i could not sleep after my sister left for work: driving without snow tires is not exactly my idea of a safe journey. also a cabin crew strike is affecting our return tomorrow, so i might just stay as your correspondent from a very wintery london.

my sister's garden ten minutes ago.

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