Friday, November 19, 2010


i am quite certain you know the kind of week i am talking about.

when everything around turns to chaos and you find yourself alone with the single task of controlling it.

when after fifteen-hour days you're barely able to utter a word.

when work overwhelms and things get hectic enough for you to seek refuge in the broom closet, the only wardrobe associated thing i have in my head is comfort. power dressing works through most stressful situations, but when the content of most of your day is disorder management, soft and soothing is what i want.

a boyfriend shirt and stretchy, loose jeans work wonders when meeting clients happens only via the phone. moreover, when even a tad of starch feels rough enough to crumble whatever powers you have at your disposal, going for the softest flannel in airy blue and white can cushion you against the world.

men's shirt by built by wendy borrowed from sweetie's closet, jeans by nudie, boots by dr martens, watch by tag heuer, kisses by jorma-irmeli.

you know what i mean?


Birger Jaarli said...

Jep. Kyllä. Nythän on perjantai-ilta ja töissä räpistellään edelleen. Mulla on ton ensemblen lisäksi päällä pitkä, lämmin villatakki. Huoh.

Stella said...


LUV the assistant ♥

stellagee said...

birger jaarli, voi ei ja räpistelyjaksuja sinne. mä _päätin_ etten tee mitään viikonloppuna, mutta saas nähdä...

stella, yup.

the assistant says slurp.