Thursday, November 18, 2010


one of my favorite albums of late is twin shadow's forget. the work of a twenty-something brooklynite, george lewis jr, is a collection of massively haunting electro ballads that echo such a variety of influence that it's sometimes disturbing (in the below video he sounds too much like morrissey at times...). nevertheless, he also creates such originality in his sound that you cannot help but love his sentimental mashup of an output.

recorded by himself in random hotel rooms and produced by grizzly bear, the album is a great listen throughout.

below the video for "slow" (it seems safe for work, at least to me...) is playing homage to early 90's ck jeans ads that were banned because of their sexual insinuations. quite amazing...


Jenni Little Stream said...

Wow! I've been looking for new music that inspires. It's been a while with nothing too interesting - until now! Cheers. Wow.

The beginning of this song is so totally Morrissey, but to me it doesn't matter - could be intentional? This song in general sounds a bit like if Morrissey and Robert Smith had mated. And WHO wouldn't love that?

stellagee said...

jenni, cool and happy to be of assistance!

i have no idea how intentional his influence manifestations are, but they are the RIGHT ones so what's not to love, right?